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Travis Hall

  • Level 1 CrossFit Coach
  • CrossFit Weightlifting 
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Cert III & Cert IV in Health and Fitness (Personal Training Academy)
  • Level 1 Australian Weightlifting Federation Sports Power Coach

Travis began coaching because he passionately believes in the life-changing benefits of functional fitness. His goal as a fitness coach is to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes, and he has found that CrossFit’s scalable intensity and commitment to functional movement makes it the perfect program for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Travis is a lifelong athlete who played Australian Rules football at WAFL level, played baseball, participated in gymnastics and has competed in CrossFit a number of times as both an individual and in a team. He recognizes the benefits a varied strength and conditioning program provides to both competitive athletes as well as everyday people looking to improve overall health and mental toughness. His goal is to connect with each person he trains in a way that motivates and excites them to perform at their highest level.

Travis truly wishes he had CrossFit as strength and conditioning program in his football days in which he believes he would have taken his strength and fitness to another level.

Favourite Movement: Butterfly Pull-ups

Favourite Lift: Power Clean

Favourite Workout: Cindy

Favourite Piece of Equipment: Barbell

Least Favourite Movement: Pistol Squats

Least Favourite Lift: Squat Snatch

Least Favourite Workout: Karen

Least Favourite Piece of Equipment: Assault Bike

Cameron Jones

  • Level 1 CrossFit Coach
  • Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
  • Master Trainer
  • 200 hour Vanyasa Yoga Teacher

Cameron has always been involved in sport and fitness and has a variety of experience in a range of them, particularly in track and field where he has qualified for nationals. Since ending his running he needed another outlet and Crossfit was the perfect replacement.

Cameron believes Crossfit can help improve your performance in any sport as well as in day to day life and activities. Living an active lifestyle out of the gym is of utmost importance to him, as he encourages anyone to find a hobby or a goal to achieve through physical activity in or out of the gym, or at least using their fitness away from the box.

Cameron's own training involves a mixture of Crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting and functional bodybuilding with an extremely high emphasis on technique, practice and the "why." This brings about a well rounded approach to training, longevity and injury prevention.

Dani Sherwood

  • Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Coach
  • Cert 3 & 4 Fitness (AIF)
  • Master Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Crossfit Strongman
  • AIK Kettlebells
  • AIK Mobility
  • Punchfit Boxing & Kick Boxing

Working in the fitness industry for the past 4 years has provided Dani with the opportunity to continue to develop her enthusiasm and knowledge for fitness whilst doing something she loves everyday.

Seven years ago Dani was unmotivated and heavily overweight. The birth of her third child was the catalyst to prompt a change in her way of living. With dedication to her nutrition and exercise program Dani has grown as a coach and athlete. Through Dani's own experience she has found the passion and desire to pass her knowledge and understanding on to others.

Favourite Movement: Burpees or Deadballs

Favourite Lift: Clean

Favourite Workout: Fight gone Bad

Favourite Piece of Equipment: Rower

Least Favourite Movement: Dips

Least Favourite Lift: Strict Press

Least Favourite Workout: Grace

Least Favourite Piece of Equipment: Rings

Rachael Couper

  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Level 1 and Advances Thump Boxing Instructor

After living the majority of her youth overweight, and struggled to live healthy through her early 20’s, Rachael found CrossFit in 2014, where she was able to become the fittest and healthiest version of herself through dedicated training and healthy eating.

Rachael has a strong desire to help others who also wish to become a healthier version of themselves, through motivating and coaching them towards meeting their goals. She has a massive passion for CrossFit and believes the CrossFit methodology is the best path to increase performance both in the gym and outside, resulting in living a long and healthy life.

Favourite Movement: Thrusters

Favourite Lift: Clean

Favourite Workout: 17.5 and DT

Favourite Piece of Equipment: Barbell

Least Favourite Movement: Toes to bar

Least Favourite Lift: Hang Snatch

Least Favourite Workout: Murph

Least Favourite Piece of Equipment: Rings

Emma Bevan

  • Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer
  • Cert 3 & 4 Health & Fitness (Personal Training Academy)
  • Level 1 Australian Weight Lifitng Federation
  • Thump Boxing Instructor

Emma is along term CrossFitter who loves to share her passion for CrossFit with others. Emma has been Crossfitting for nearly 10 years and is co-owner of Tandem CrossFit.

Favourite Movement: GHD Sit Ups

Favourite Lift: Clean

Favourite Workout: Karen

Favourite Piece of Equipment: Barbell

Least Favourite Movement: Thruster

Least Favourite Lift: Snatch

Least Favourite Workout: Cindy

Least Favourite Piece of Equipment: N/A

Matt Austin

  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • Australian Weight Lifting Federation Level 1 Coach

Matt has been CrossFitting since 2016. He came from a football background and had always been heavily involved in team sports.

Favourite Movement: Overhead Squat

Favourite Lift: Clean

Favourite Workout: Nancy

Favourite Piece of Equipment: Rings

Least Favourite Movement: Push Ups

Least Favourite Lift: Split Jerk

Least Favourite Workout: Karen

Least Favourite Piece of Equipment: N/A

Marcin Lipski

  • ‍B.Sc. Sport and Performance
  • M.Sc. Exercise Science and Coaching
  • PhD candidate in Exercise Science with focus on eccentric exercise
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • AWF Weightlifting Level 2 - State sports power coach
  • Level 1 Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • German BSA Academy - Fitness trainer B-Licence
  • Sport and Nutrition Certificated (German Sport University)
  • Classic Taping Certificated (German Sport University)

I have done a wide variety of sports throughout my whole life. This includes the following on a regional level in Germany: Tennis for 17 years, swimming for 7 and Judo for 6. Other than that I have done Badminton, Table-Tennis, Handball, Running, Football and many other. Through a couple of those, I have been slowly introduced to strength and conditioning, started training myself with 17 years, which is of course way too late. But, better late than never! Since then, I have dedicated most of my time in learning about the human body, exercise and everything that involves movement. This includes studies, research and many hours in different types of gyms.

For myself, I never had much time. Thus, I always designed my training around high intensity, circuit training, and whole-body based workouts. When I stumbled across CrossFit in 2008, it was just natural for me to like it! I am now dedicated to making everybody have fun and move always a bit better than they think they can!

Favorite Movement: Box Jump

Favorite Lift: Snatch

Favorite Workout: Murph

Favourite Piece of Equipment: Bodyweight

Least Favourite Movement: "Butterfly" Pullup

Least Favourite Lift: Clean

Least Favourite Workout: Grace

Least Favourite Piece of Equipment: Medicine Ball for Wall Balls

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