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"I joined tandem CrossFit 6 months ago having never done CrossFit before, only ever going to your standard gym.

After going to the gym for a couple years off and on, losing motivation and not seeing results I decided to come to TandEm to give CrossFit a try and I'm so glad I did! Not only seeing results physically but mentally as well.

The work I do as well as a tradesman is very labour intensive. Before CrossFit I really struggled to get through a day but now I can power through every day and still feel fresh to come to CrossFit in the afternoon.

Emma and Travis and all their coaches are all so helpful, motivating and really push you through the workouts to get the best out of you. I really wish I joined up earlier, it really is what I look forward to most in a day. The social side is great as well, especially having the Wooden Spoon Café you can just grab a coffee and have a chat with everyone after the workout.

So, if you’re thinking about joining but just not sure about it, you won't regret coming down and giving it a crack."

Lewis Grigg

"My experience at TandEm has been a super positive one.  From my 6 week beginners course through to my ongoing training.  It has been a fantastic time for me getting to know the familiar faces and welcoming community.  The personal care I have received and the adapted workouts I have been given have been crazy good.  I have an acute disease which affects my joints and one that most personal trainers and others have shied away from assisting me as it’s quite difficult to adapt movements and exercises but the team at CrossFit will never give up on me, all I receive is positive encouragement and awesome help and assistance during my training.  Travis & Em and their coaches are brilliant at keeping you motivated and encouraging you to push through and never give up.  Marcin my main coach has literally helped me to refocus on my health and fitness.  He has been a superstar coach and I feel really privileged that I found the TandEm CrossFit gym when I did.

CrossFit has literally changed my life.  It is a slow process for me but I’m really enjoying getting back to a place that I love and feeling fitter and stronger than before.  CrossFit is not only functional fitness, strength and conditioning training, but a style of training that seems to recruit those that enjoy a true sense of community with unparalleled team spirit.  I’m really happy I found this style of training.  I will never stop.  I love it!"

Sammi Marshall

"I had heard good things about TandEm Crossfit from a friend and when I eventually decided to give it a go, I wasn't disappointed.

The owners, Travis and Emma are top class and very welcoming. The facilities are brilliant, the coaches are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the members are second to none. I usually go to the 5:30am class and can genuinely say I look forward to getting up for it each morning. In my opinion, the programming is excellent. It is constantly varied and there hasn't been a class that I didn't enjoy and I feel like I am seeing progress each week.

TandEm also has a great social aspect to it. The café, which is attached to the gym, is the perfect place to chill out and have a  chat after class. The food and coffee is delicious and the Saturday morning post workout feast is one of the highlights of my week.

One of the biggest compliments I can give TandEm is that as soon as I leave, I am already looking forward to coming back and training the next day.

I love how each workout is different and because it is scalable, you can make it as challenging as you feel comfortable with. I also like how you can see and feel yourself progressing as you learn new movements, lift heavier weights or complete a workout faster than you would have last week. The class environment also helps to push you to do things you wouldn't do if you trained alone in a normal gym setting.

CrossFit is not like anything you've tried before. Initially it may come across as organised chaos compared to a normal gym. It's fun, challenging, social and very addictive."

Brian O’Connor

"I have been doing CrossFit for a few years now and love the variety and structured programming it offers. In particular, the high intensity interval based training suits my personal health requirements. As an individual with Cystic Fibrosis, I have a diminished lung capacity and interval based training gives me an opportunity to 'catch my breath'.

The team at TandEm have been fantastic at helping me work on my weaknesses, scale workouts when I haven't been well and improve my fitness and lifting technique. So much so that I am now able to perform some (not all) of the workouts at the Rx level and compete in the CrossFit Open in the Rx division.

The convenience of the on-site café, The Wooden Spoon, is not only extremely convenient but it also gives another avenue to strengthen the thriving community. Nothing better than bragging about your time in today's WOD or your latest PB lift over some great food, smoothies and coffee."

Andrew Waddingham

"I am a father of 2, work an office job, am approaching my 40’s and was looking for some variety in exercise and motivation to improve my fitness. 

Much like a lot of my friends in the same age the days of competitive sport are a thing of the past, however, with the desire to keep active and healthy I decided to try Crossfit.  I’d heard about the sport but never tried it so didn’t know what to expect. 

I selected TandEm to start the Crossfit adventure and the first 6 months were tough as the exercise movements are very different to that of the usual gym or cardio workouts. 

With the support of the TandEm team and the desire to improve I got through and am now approaching 3 years. 

I can now do a muscle up, do a handstand push-ups, have increased my strength exponentially and feel great. 

I highly recommend trying Crossfit at TandEm.  The facilities are great with good quality equipment, the coaches are experienced, knowledgeable and supportive, and the members are welcoming, friendly and open to share their experiences."

Mark Kepplinger

"I have trained at a few different crossfit and strength and conditioning gyms over the years and after training at TandEm for the past 12 months I can say with confidence, TandEm has produced results that have surpassed my expectations.

The coaches are firm and fair, as they push you to get you the best result, which has done wonders for my mind (confidence) and body( fitness and strength). All TandEm coaches are approachable to discuss any concerns about a WOD, they are able to adapt a WOD to accommodate any injuries or on the day niggles. Another homage to TandEm is the community, which consist of an eclectic mix of people who enjoy what they do, support and push each other and always have a laugh.

Busy with work and everyday life, another thing I love about training at TandEm is ‘The Wooden Spoon’ café, as the conveniently located cafe allows me to train and grab a (pre or post WOD) bite to eat which is a time saver AND the food is delicious."

Trina Mcleod

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